Kitchen Tiles Ireland

Choosing the tiles for your kitchen is an important decision. Be it a new kitchen or remodelling an existing kitchen your tiles are an important visual and practical element in your space.

On walls, they protect your work areas, this is behind the cooking area and the splashback, and on the kitchen floor, they will need to be practical, easy to clean and provide you with a pleasing design look and feel.

At Ceramic City there is a comprehensive range of tiles suitable for kitchen walls and floors. We supply manufactured tiles that are the most cost-effective option and the easiest to look after. Different designs and colours, be it plain or patterned, and an exstensive range of syles and finishes mean you can create a design scheme you love.  We also provice the exclusive natural stone which is a more expensive choice but has beauty and individuality and a rugged elegance that only this type of tile can provide.


Ceramic tiles can be a competitively affordable choice for your kitchen. They are perfect for walls, but some are not suitable for floors so make sure you ask. Ceramic tiles don’t need sealing and easy to keep clean.

Porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic which makes them high-density, and therefore very hard-wearing. Often chosen for floors for this reason, they can also be used on the wall.

Gloss tiles are normally light and reflective, so pick a gloss finish for wall tiles if you want to brighten the kitchen. they are perfect for a small kitchen to wnhace your space and make it feel bigger.

Matt tiles have a flat finish. They are a contract to the eye-catching gloss version but can be a great way to introduce subtley to your other kitchen ares, for example, an all-white scheme. They might take a bit more wiping down.

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