Are Porcelain Tiles Slippery When Wet? A Guide to Safe & Stylish Flooring

Nearly every second person that comes in the doors of Ceramic City ask us ‘are porcelain tiles slippery when wet?’

It’s a valid question too and a common concern for homeowners and renovators who are considering new tiles for their bathroom, kitchen or hallway.

These are busy areas of the home so safety is very important and no wants to risk slips or falls.

So to answer are porcelain tiles slippery when wet in short, they CAN offer significant slip resistance depending on their finish and texture which will offer you the safety you want.

But not all.

However, there’s a lot more factors to consider.

We’ll cover them in this blog.

are porcelain tiles slippy when wet? We answer the question before you buy your tiles


Understanding Slip Resistance on Porcelain Tiles

The slip resistance or anti slip levels of porcelain tiles is determined by their surface texture and finish.

Contrary to what you have heard, not all porcelain tiles are really slippy when they are wet.

Some are, of course, but manufacturers are becoming more concious of the safety aspect of them and are producing anti slip glazes, textured surfaces and matte finishes to counteract this.

These tiles undergo rigorous testing, including measures of their PTV & Ramp Tests, to provide consumers with clear, safety-focused information.

Tiles with a higher PTV & R rating offer greater resistance to slipping, making them a safer choice for areas prone to moisture.

So, to conclude from above, some porcelain tiles can offer slip resistance but others do not.

That’s why it’s so important to do your research, speak to the professionals and see the tiles in person before you buy.

anti slip porcelain tiles idea for bathrooms and hallways and kitchens

Are Porcelain Tiles Slippery When Wet? Choosing the Ones that Are!

For areas prone to surface water, like bathrooms in particular, but also kitchens and hallways, choosing a porcelain tile goes beyond colour and pattern.

The safety aspect comes into it too.

Here’s how to pick tiles that are both safe and stylish.

Understanding Tile Texture and Finish

The texture and finish of a porcelain tile significantly impact its slip resistance.

For areas exposed to water, tiles with a matte finish or a textured surface are ideal.

These surfaces provide better grip underfoot, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Matte finishes, in particular, offer a subtle sheen that minimizes slipperiness without sacrificing the tile’s aesthetic appeal.

Textured tiles, which can mimic natural stone or wood, not only add depth and interest to a room but also increase safety.

The slight irregularities in the tile surface enhance traction, making them a practical choice for high-moisture areas that get lots of traffic!

If you’re planning on cleaning your porcelain tiles, have you tried steam mopping?

Are Porcelain Tile as Slippery When Wet: Resistance Ratings

It’s important to carefully consider the slip resistance ratings of porcelain tiles when you’re in the market for them.

Tile ratings offer a way to gauge the traction provided by the tile.

For areas where tiles are prone to getting wet, it is advisable to have a PTV test value of +36 when wet.

With this rating, you can rest assured that the tile surface has undergone rigorous testing to provide optimal slip resistance, making it a safe choice for wet areas.

are porcelain tiles slippy when wet like ones in this gleaming bathroom

European standards provide valuable information on slip resistance, including the R-rating (R9 to R13) and the PTV test.

Higher numbers in these ratings indicate superior traction, ensuring safety.

Consider where you are Putting them

The intended purpose of the porcelain tiles also plays a crucial role in your selection.

When it comes to outdoor areas, it’s important to choose tiles that are specifically designed for exterior use and have a high slip resistance (Minimum R11).

This will ensure that they can withstand the various weather conditions we get in Ireland, while also providing a safe surface for everyone.

When it comes to indoor areas like bathrooms and kitchens, there are some important factors to consider.

These include resistance to stains, ease of cleaning, and slip resistance.

Ask Professionals like Us!

Consulting with tile professionals or designers can offer valuable insights into the best porcelain tile options for your project.

Our team are here to assist you in selecting the perfect tiles that not only align with your personal style, but also prioritise your safety.

Rest assured that our recommendations will leave you content for many years to come.

Anti-Slip Porcelain Tiles

Choosing the right tile for wet areas goes beyond style.

That’s why Ceramic City off a curated selection of anti-slip floor tiles that look great and offer more grip to you, your family and any visitors you have.

Bathroom Tiles Mayo - are they slippery when wet? They can be
Bathroom Tiles

Are Porcelain Tiles Slippy When Wet: Anti-Slip Selection

Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, outdoors or patio, Ceramic City has anti slip floor tiles for all settings.

For what they offer in grip, they do not lack in asthetics either.

Here are the benefits:

  • Safety: One of the key advantages of anti-slip tiles is the significant improvement in safety they offer. These tiles are designed to prioritise safety, making them a great option for families with young children, elderly residents, or anyone seeking a secure home environment.
  • Durability: When it comes to durability, anti-slip porcelain tiles are renowned for their long-lasting nature and ability to withstand daily use without showing signs of wear and tear. With their ability to endure heavy foot traffic and resist moisture, these flooring options are a durable choice for any part of your home.
  • Easy Maintenance: Maintaining your anti-slip porcelain tiles is a breeze. With their textured surfaces, these products are crafted to be effortlessly cleaned, ensuring that any dirt or spills are discreetly concealed until your next cleaning session.



Ceramic City’s curated selection of anti-slip floor tiles presents homeowners with a wealth of options designed to meet the highest standards of both beauty and safety.

We hope we’ve answered the important question: are porcelain tiles slippery when wet?

Whether you’re renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space, these tiles provide the durability and slip resistance needed to create a secure and stylish environment.

Don’t compromise on safety or style.

Visit Ceramic City today to explore our extensive range of anti-slip porcelain tiles, perfect for every area of your home.

Our experts are on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the ideal tile solution that meets your design preferences and safety requirements.


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