What are PTV tested tiles

“Pendulum Test Value” (PTV) is a measurement used to assess the slip resistance or slipperiness of floor surfaces, including floor tiles. PTV testing helps determine how safe a surface is for walking, especially in areas where slips and falls could pose a risk, such as public spaces, workplaces, or homes. Higher PTV values indicate a lower risk of slipping.

PTV Tested TilesThe PTV test involves using a pendulum device equipped with a rubber slider. The device is placed on the floor surface, and the rubber slider is released. As the slider moves across the floor, it mimics the motion of a person walking. The PTV is calculated based on the frictional resistance between the slider and the floor surface.

Floor tiles that have undergone PTV testing and have achieved higher PTV values are considered to be slip-resistant and safer for use in areas where slip accidents are a concern. These tiles are often used in places like commercial kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pool decks, and outdoor walkways.

When shopping for floor tiles, you may come across products labeled as “PTV tested” or “slip-resistant,” indicating that they have undergone slip-resistance testing and have been deemed suitable for environments where slip hazards need to be minimized. It’s important to check the PTV rating and ensure that it meets the safety requirements for your specific application. Different regions and industries may have their own recommended PTV values and safety standards.

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